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Wooden windows based on innovation.

The world of the new wood and wood-aluminum enclosures is the result of a technical, manufacturing and market study carried out by SIMATEC and REKORD, managed by the TWT engineering department with all its experience in R+D processes applied to construction, architecture and interior design

In CARPINTEK, in close collaboration with SIMATEC, we manufacture very high-quality windows, incorporating new production processes that exceed all industry standards. We think and plan production to be one step ahead of any competitor in performance and price.

The result, 3 exclusive lines of wooden windows with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, designed to meet passivhaus standards:

  • LIGHTEK – the new HIDDEN LEAF window in wood
  • INTELTEK – the smart choice against any high-end window developed in aluminum
  • ENERGYTEK – impossible to beat its energy performance


Our windows are made with profiles manufactured by SIERO LAM. A leading company in the production of semi-finished wood products for carpentry. Our wooden windows are adapted to the needs of architects, builders and customers, to whom we offer a wide range of products in terms of the type of wood, variety of sections (chestnut, scots pine, larch, oak, iroko, sipo, etc.) and have the quality certificate of AITIM.


CARPINTEK‘s wood windows make a definite contribution to the appearance of a home. Whether wood or wood/aluminum, they not only provide light to rooms, but also represent a state-of-the-art design and long-term energy savings. That’s why we made the choice to purchase the patented TWT-REKORD windows, which are recognized worldwide for their superior production quality and almost unlimited design flexibility.

Equipped with the latest technology, our windows combine design with maximum protection and energy efficiency, that is, the ideal solution for new construction, rehabilitation and reform.

CARPINTEK also has the window software ARCHIMEDE, which is the result of more than 15 years of experience, constant investments and field tests. Our technical office performs measurements from photographs, advanced 3D visualizations, and applications for Smartphones. Our software is constantly innovating to add new updates and features.


We apply to our wooden windows infinity of finishes and techniques in high decoration that achieve effects and textures that offer multiple possibilities, creating unique projects with personality. We highlight for our lines of windows the varnishes and lacquers to the water, of outside, sustainable they guarantee an excellent protection against the climatological agents, being synonymous of durability and protection of the environment.

The most innovative technology applied from “0”, put at the service of the most exclusive projects in the sector in terms of design, manufacture and assembly of wooden windows and the company’s commitment to the sustainability of raw materials is reflected in the chain of custody seals PEFCTM and FSC®, making us leaders in the wooden window industry. A product of the future that is already installed in unique projects in Madrid’s most emblematic buildings.

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