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Wood is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. That is why today its use in the construction sector is fundamental. It is essential that it is certified; that is, that it is recognised with the FSC and PEFC certificates. Many elements relating to the construction sector and carpentry can be made in wood: wooden structures, furniture, floors, stairs… However, not all types of wood are equally suitable for manufacturing these elements. In this post we explain which types of wood are most suitable for each one.

What type of wood is ideal in each case?

Each type of wood has its different characteristics and properties. That is why not all of them are equally suitable for each element we wish to manufacture. There are many types of wood. But here we list the most important in the construction and carpentry sector.

1. Oak wood

Madera de roble

Oak wood is one of the most frequently used in construction. This is due to the properties it offers in carpentry. It is resistant to damp, very dense, easily handled and offers a wide range of colours. As it is a slow-growing wood, it can store CO2 for longer than other woods. It is ideal for manufacturing all types of interior carpentry and furniture. At Carpintek Group we use oak for furniture in many of our projects.

2. Beach wood

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Beach wood is perfect for manufacturing elements such as stairs, parquet, furniture, doors… It is often used in interior decoration and offers characteristics similar to those of oak. This type of wood is hard, easy to work, resistant to damp and rather light in colour. It offers rooms exceptional design, maintaining maximum quality.

4. Walnut wood

Madera de nogal

This is one of the woods most often used in carpentry and cabinetmaking. Its properties are slightly different from the previously mentioned woods. However, it is perfect for decorating rooms. Resistant, semi-heavy, with a thick grain and straight fibre, dimensionally very stable and very easy to work. It can be found in a wide range of tones, from light brown tones to a dark chocoloate colour. It is most commonly used to manufacture quality furniture, floors and interior carpentry elements.

5. Acacia wood

Madera de acacia

This high quality wood is frequently used in carpentry. It is one of the most sustainable woods that exist, is hard and easy to work. It offers a wide range of tones that, together with its shine and durability, make it a perfect wood in carpentry. You can discover the properties of acacia wood in our blog. It is used to manufacture interior and exterior furniture, floors, carvings, and for boards and beams.

At Carpintek Group, in strategic collaboration with SIERO LAM, we use these types of wood in all our projects, complying with all the quality standards with FSC and PEFC certification. If you would like to find out about them all, we recommend you take a look at our website.

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