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Carpintek faces one of its most emblematic projects with its ENERGYTEK 69 series.

The company Carpintek is in charge of the renovation of the exterior carpentry of La Casona del Parque, the main building of the Málaga City Hall since April 11, 1919. This unique project, which is currently underway, is being carried out by SERANCO, a construction company with more than 30 years of experience in the execution of all types of works.

La Casona del Parque, also known as La Casa consistorial de Málaga, is a building of the twentieth century, designed by architects Manuel Rivera Vera and Fernando Guerrero Strachan. Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2010, it has a neo-baroque style and modernist details.

Carpintek will renovate the building’s 178 windows, with its ENERGYTEK 69 series of casement windows ranging in size from 1600 x 540 mm to 2150 x 4600 mm with 4+4 mm clear laminated glass, 10 mm argon chamber and 3+3 clear laminated glass that allows for thermal transmittance levels (between 1.1 and 0.87W/m2K) and acoustic insulation (up to 50dB) with lower profile thicknesses.

Practically all of the windows have 28 mm thick sash panels made of Iroko wood with FSC® certification, which is perfectly adapted to the humid and saline environment of the city. In addition, 82 windows have wooden slat shutters and shutter boxes made of Iroko wood.

The raw material for this project is sourced from domestic producers and is certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC™) which promotes sustainable forest management to achieve a social, economic and environmental balance. The use of controlled wood obliges Carpintek to carry out a risk assessment to identify that the wood is from acceptable sources and will be independently verified as part of the Chain of Custody certification.

The ENERGYTEK 69 series, has passed all pre-tests conducted by Elabora prior to the site award, which were aimed at determining the air permeability and wind load resistance of the fully assembled and finished timber framing. The test method was designed to simulate job site conditions with the timber window installed in accordance with Carpintek’s specifications as manufacturer, with the requirements of relevant European standards and codes of good practice.

The tests were carried out on March 10, 2021 by the companies Cemosa y Elabora on test bench for windows, doors, shutters and facades brand K. SCHULTEN FENSTERTECHNIK KS 3030, obtaining the following classifications:

  • Air permeability according to UNE EN 1026:2017 – CLASS 4
  • Water tightness according to UNE EN 1027:2017 – CLASS E1200
  • Resistance to wind load according to UNE EN 12211:2017 – CLASS 5

This result certifies the excellent work and investment Carpintek has been making in the last two years to develop wooden windows, with the highest quality standards that represent a reliable asset for any rehabilitation project, reform or new construction development, with a clear commitment to quality, sustainability, carbon footprint reduction and energy efficiency.

ENERGYTEK 69, has ideal thermal and acoustic properties for use in buildings with Passivhaus seal, which allows great energy savings in this type of buildings with high activity. The series selected by the Málaga City Council presents window models ranging from the ENERGYTEK 69, which already offers a desirable technical inertia (1.21 W/m2 K) to the ENERGYTEK 89 with a thermal performance unsurpassed in the market (0.87 W/m2 K), also providing the warmth and elegance of a wooden window. It is worth mentioning, within the ENERGYTEK 89 series, the SilenTEK window, which is manufactured and installed taking into account the smallest details for an unbeatable acoustic insulation. It is the perfect choice for the noisiest streets, where you can enjoy the warmth and nobility of wood with maximum guarantees.

Soon we will be able to see the result of this incredible project.

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