Torrebeleña, District of Fuentelareyna


Developed for: Laz Arquitectura Grupo Zarosan

Type of project: Residential


  • Connecting doors
  • Wardrobes and walk-in closets
  • Kitchen units
  • Panelling
  • Special projects


For the residential project in the Calle Torrebeleña, floor-to-ceiling folding doors were designed in white-lacquered wood and hidden hinges. The white fitted cupboards and outward-opening doors merge with the walls and are an integral part of the whole space. In the case of the central island in the kitchen, this was designed on the basis of creating a space linking up with the dining area thanks to the sliding door, which enables the kitchen to be closed off from the rest of the house whenever necessary. We also created a small corner in the living room for reading, by using the space between the walls to install a simple bench in unexposed wood, which turns it into an amazing spot. As a special feature, we would like to highlight the laminated wooden screen, which enhances the visibility of the room by not losing the open space, but rather enhancing it by marking the point of separation between the two.

Challenges of the project:

The main challenge in this project stemmed from the need to separate the spaces while retaining an open-plan concept for the house as a whole. Thus, we opted for a laminated wooden screen to create an open-plan separation between the dining area and the adjacent stairs. It was with the same purpose in mind that we installed a sliding door between the dining and kitchen areas that would enable them to be closed off or joined together as the occasion required.

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