Pintor Rosales, District of Arguelles


Type of project: Residential


  • Connecting doors
  • Fitted wardrobes and walk-in closets
  • Kitchen units
  • Bathroom units


The work carried out in Paseo Pintor Rosales has huge spaces brimming with light. For this reason we opted to install double-leaved sliding doors and glazed doors that would let the light through to other rooms in the house. The cupboards and furniture or shelving were coated in white lacquer so as not to lose the light in that space. In the case of the fitted wardrobes, a classic type of outward-opening door was chosen. Inside, wooden shelves were inserted to turn it into a large storage space. In addition, the house also has bedrooms set up as dressing rooms, where the doors of our wardrobes are detached and drawers inserted. The kitchen and bathroom units continue the line of simple, practical design, with the small ancillary table offering a mark of distinction in the kitchen in unexposed wood, which prolongs the island in the centre of the room.

Challenges of the project:

The main challenge of this project was to achieve a harmonious, modern environment, without going beyond a classic style. To do this, modern types of design were developed, while keeping them simple through the use of white lacquer.

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