Moreto. Los Jerónimos



Type of project: Oficina


  • Connecting doors
  • Wardrobes and walk-in closets
  • Windows
  • Kitchen units
  • Bathroom units
  • Panelling
  • Special features


The residential project is an old house in Calle Moreto located in the Retiro neighbourhood in the city centre. The connecting doors have been designed in solid oak, with swing and sliding openings, hidden hinges, magnetic slip mat and brandy-coloured openings.

The wall panelling from floor to ceiling in the kitchen lends high added value to the room aesthetically speaking, due to the design featuring vertical slats, which give it character and improve the insulation. This highlights the kitchen, hidden between the panels, only leaving what needs to be seen at any given moment. The finishes have mainly been rendered in oak because of its resilience to wear and tear and also humidity, as is the case with the baths and windows. Also noteworthy as a special feature is the custom-designed desk, or the connecting doors that simulate just another cupboard in the room. 

Challenges of the project:

The main challenge in this project was to achieve an adequate workspace and a reception area for meetings and visits, while at the same time maintaining a suitable environment conducive to optimum productivity and rest befitting each occasion.

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