Developed for: CSG Casagrande Gestión

Type of Project: Residential


  • Entrance gate
  • Swing doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Custom cabinets
  • Custom dressing room
  • Wood paneling
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Skirting board
  • Stairs
  • Custom furniture
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Dressing table
  • Wine rack cabinet (wine cellar)
  • Wood and glass partitions
  • Exterior IPE Platform
  • Modern coffered ceilings
  • Wood and glass screens  


The exclusivity of this project is represented by two characteristics: elements that impress and luxury in every square meter. Definitely, a great high-end custom carpentry project.

It was a real pleasure for the team of Carpintek to work together with the architects Francisco Noguera and María Lopez de Valle and the interior designer Raul Martins, being exceptional professionals who managed to transmit all the dreams and preferences of their clients towards the new home. Has been paid attention to all the pieces that ended up combining this magnificent result to transmit the exclusivity and quality of all the materials and finishes. 

Unique pieces that highlight the different types of wood such as walnut or laminated pine that have been used to make the doors that have hidden SIMONWERK hinges, KLEIN guides, FORMANI cranks and precious brass grafts and HPL Gold plates by Abet Laminati. The cabinets and the custom dressing rooms, the furniture, the room dividers, the screens in the guest room and the IPE flooring that we see outside and next to the outdoor pool. The backlit rotating screens impress with a unique and very original design and size that complements the VETRITE glass with the wood. In the gym area, we discover a very pleasant and privileged environment that invites you to relax with the large wood dividers made of wood and glass, like the cinema that has furniture made of high-quality materials. The gorgeous dressing table and spacious walk-in closets with individual designs further represent the beauty and order of the house. From there we go to the kitchen, where the same line is followed and everything is custom made. Both the table and the rest of the furniture are made with a lot of care and dedication so to transmit the feeling of perfection of the whole. The beautiful stairs that draw the union between the two floors with an intelligent LED lights, bringing a lot of light to the indicated space, taking us to a small hall where an elegant wine cellar is located, keeping the careful lines of the design in harmony with the rest of the environment. The indoor pool adds even more to the feeling of exclusivity and comfort without the need to leave the house. Outside the house, we find a space lined with wood, where you can hold celebrations or simply a pleasant time with the best views at sunset.  

A dream house that represents a sophistication and personality in its purest form. The views from inside and outside are simply unique.

Challenges of the project:

There were several challenges related mainly to the way of manufacturing in order to be able to cope with the size of each element itself and the very short time for execution. Both the materials and the exclusive elements have created a bohemian atmosphere, highlighting an exquisite style in every detail and every corner. A great high-end custom carpentry project. In this way, unique and very cozy spaces have been created that allow the constant connection with nature that surrounds the interior. Once again, this mixture of woodwork and industrialization has borne fruit: getting closer each day to our dream of shaping the industrial wood craftsman.

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