Calle Joaquín Costa. District of Chamartín


Developed for: Casa Grande Arquitectos

Type of project: Residential


  • Front door
  • Connecting doors
  • Wardrobes and walk-in closets
  • Kitchen units
  • Bathroom units
  • Living room furniture
  • Partitions
  • Panelling
  • Special features


There is no question that, in the general renovations carried out on this house, the most striking aspect is the wood used as the main feature. The main entrance leads down a long corridor clad in wood panels until you come to the main living room. This continues with the aesthetics of the wall, in this case, merging with the cupboards hidden in the panelling itself. The kitchen stands out at the end of the corridor, separated by a partition with a solid oak structure and tempered 5+5mm safety glass. We designed the kitchen units to fit in with the harmony of the house as a whole, although some of them were lacquered in white to achieve a greater balance of colour. The bathroom units, which were left unlacquered with the wood visible, provide union and consistency with the rest of the house. Of particular note is the desk in the master bedroom, which was designed as a particular custom feature conforming to the wishes of the client. 

Challenges of the project:

The greatest challenge in this project was to be able to generate an atmosphere of harmony and consonance including the natural colours of solid oak at all times.

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