Type of project: Hoteles


  • Wooden windows


The Hotel Neri, located in Barcelona, offered a significant acoustic challenge. Since there are some primary schools closeby, it was imperative to insulate the rooms from any external noise  that might arise, especially at certain times in the morning. For this reason, we suggested applying one of our products designed specifically for soundproofing purposes: SilenTK, classified as  EnergyTEK 89. Either tilt and turn or swing windows were installed in different sizes and designs. Balcony windows were also incorporated in some of the rooms. White lacquer was applied to the bottom of the window whereas the lacquer applied outside was limited to dark grey, which was better adapted to the needs of the façade of the building.

Challenges of the project:

Being located in a school neighbourhood, the hotel was faced with an important problem regarding external noise. However, the acoustic and thermal challenges were solved without any major problems thanks to the technologies used in building the EnergyTEK 89 windows.

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