Hotel Gran Vía


Developed for: Grupo Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

Type of project: Hotels


  • Windows


The main element in the Gran Vía refurbishment project are the wooden windows that are adapted to preserve the original look of the outside of the building. Inside they are all lacquered in black, whereas the outside required a specific shade of sky blue in a grey hue to maintain the harmony of the building. In this case the windows chosen belong to our EnergyTEK 89 series, more specifically speaking, to SilenTEK. As the name implies, they are characterised by the fact that they achieve a superb level of soundproofing, perfect for the noisiest of streets as is the case here. Furthermore, thanks to being built in wood, SilenTEK can reach high levels of thermal transmittance, which is ideal for avoiding unnecessary costs for heating the rooms.

Challenges of the project:

The biggest challenge in this project was to achieve an optimal adaptation of our windows to the exterior of the building. Being an old building, it was imperative that it should be properly protected.

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