Developed for: Estudio Mausha Marsá

Type of project: Residential


  • Armoured front door
  • Folding doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Large format sliding door
  • Front panelling including flush door and handle
  • Pivoting double door
  • Folding wardrobes with textile interior and LEDs
  • Miscellaneous furniture: custom-made desk, custom-made headboard, custom-made drawers, shelves, custom-made bathroom furniture
  • Skirting board in the whole house


Who would like to have a refurbished rural house? The Mausha Marsá studio entrusted us with this new renovation project for a secondary residence. We did miscellaneous pieces for this project: doors of all types, modern wardrobes, a variety of made-to-measure furniture and skirting boards. Every piece had to respect one rule: the had to be of the best possible quality while preserving the charm of the house.

In addition, we used woods that would preserve the rural aspect of the house. In this sense, oak was the woord par excellence. All tailor-made furniture was made of oak plywood, with both natural and varnished finishes. The use of knotty oak was also chosen for the shelves so that the rural aspect of the house is not affected, but reinforced.

The various shades of wood used convey a sense of luxury to the house without being overdone or impersonal.

Some elements were made from recycled wood. In this way, Carpintek reaffirms its commitment to the protection of the environment. The use of certified and recycled wood allows us to lower our emissions and offer our customers pieces that respect the strictest standards in terms of climate change.

Challenge of this project:

The main challenge of this project was to integrate the decking into the doors and cladding with a perfect finish. In addition, the realization of a curved lattice with a minimal wooden profile was another challenge as it meant a flawless placement of the rattan.

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