CDL La Finca


Developped for: NOEMA studio


  • Natural oak veneered doors
  • Natural oak veneer desk
  • Shelf open on two sides in natural oak veneer
  • Curved reception desk
  • 2 closed base units of curved shape
  • 2 solid oak tables


The project comes to us from Alejandro Martinez de Velasco of NOEMA studio for the important CDL company, with a design of very refined lines creating a clean environment. The spaces are connected thanks to the glass walls but at the same time maintaining privacy. A versatile space where its two main protagonists are mixed: metal and oak wood with natural finishes along with a wide vegetation providing warmth.

The objective was to create a versatile space that adapts to the needs of the workers, seeking their well-being at all times.

In Carpintek we have brought warmth to this space with floor to ceiling doors, furniture that adapts to the shapes of the space giving rise to curved furniture in the meeting rooms. Everything is made in oak veneer with a super natural varnish finish, as well as the double-sided open shelves, the office of the rest area and the reception desk. But we can’t forget the two imposing tables made of solid oak wood that preside over the meeting rooms.

Project challenge:

The objective was to bring warmth to a space where glass and metal predominate while maintaining the balance of all the elements and at the same time being functional and comfortable.

Photographies: NOEMA studio

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