Cap Vermell. Majorca


Developed for: Cap Vermell Hotel, S.L.

Type of project: Hospitality


  • Robatayaki counter
  • Cocktail counter
  • DJ set elements
  • Information signs
  • Reception desk
  • Sliding doors


Of all the projects we have carried out so far, this is certainly the most unique one we have participated in the hotel segment. The Cap Vermell project was a challenge for us, because the pieces that had to be made were unique pieces that we had never made before at Carpintek.

The signage elements and the different bars are elements that stand out for their quality and originality. The pieces blend in perfectly with the environment of the Grand Hotel and contribute to the charm of the place.

Iroko wood, natural finishes and brushed copper surface finishes for an aged look provide the level of luxury demanded by the ROKA restaurant, as well as offering exceptional properties that ensure durability without losing the elegant and chic aesthetics.

From Carpintek, we are delighted that Cap Vermell Group has trusted us to provide these decoration elements. We have contributed our grain of sand to allow the opening of this restaurant, the first of the chain in Spain, and that customers can enjoy the best possible experience.

Challenge of this project:

To adapt the hotel’s common areas in a very tight deadline to house the first restaurant of the prestigious firm ROKA. “Prestige” is very demanding, and we were able to take on the challenge in the time we were given. A meeting place where food and drinks share the same space around Japanese cuisine based on the Robata grill, a benchmark of modern gastronomy in London, Dubai and from now on in Majorca.

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