Developed for: Rafael Robledo Arquitectos

Type of project: Refurbishment


  • Main entrance
  • Connecting doors
  • Wardrobes and walk-in closets
  • Balcony windows
  • Skylight windows
  • Kitchen units
  • Special projects


In the Barquillo refurbishment project special attention was paid to the balcony windows to adapt them suitably to the façade, while at the same time letting the light penetrate each of the rooms. In the case of the kitchen, skylights were chosen since the sloping roofs favoured this type of window. We refurbished the main entrance and caretaker’s office, and installed swing doors to connect the rooms, with translucent glass, and sliding doors lacquered in white with a unique design that was customised for each specific client. The wooden wardrobes are fitted so as to provide the home with as much space as possible. They were stained white, with clear glass-fronted drawers being incorporated. 

Challenges of the project:

The biggest challenge generated by this project was achieving the feeling of spaciousness thanks to the appropriate disposition of all the elements, particularly the windows. Eventually, we achieved our objective to obtain spaces full of light, generating a feeling of maximum tranquility inside the building.

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