Developed for: Mausha Marsa Studio

Type of Project: Residential


  • Entrance doors
  • Passage doors
  • Living room furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Main bedroom furniture
  • Special projects


In this project, in addition to the cabinets, the open dressing room, the bathroom furniture, the entrance and passage doors, we have developed some special projects in the hall, the office and the kitchen of the house.

Mausha Marsa puts a lot of attention and care in knowing and perceiving the needs of all its customers, in this case combining three tones of wood for the open dressing room, including cabinets lined with LED lights to offer the best solution and an extraordinary and unique end result.

The entrance door has a perimeter covering, which replaces the traditional placket and in the passage doors, both passage and folding doors, with lacquer and solid oak finishes, plinth blocks have been incorporated to enhance the aesthetics of the entrances to the different rooms.

It is important to highlight the attention paid to all the details and even more to the special projects, such as the latticework in the hall that diffuses the light in the interior of the house. The original desk that is integrated into the bookcase, the wardrobe hidden in the kitchen, with the same paper used in the vertical facing or the points incorporated in the custom-made bathroom furniture.

Carpintek would love to work again on mutual project with Mausha Marsa Studio, with which we have delivered several reforms, working in harmony and where both luxury and design can be found in every drawer and corner of this impressive project. 

Challenges of the project:

The greatest challenge of this project consisted in combining the three wood tones perfectly well in order to provide the ensemble an elegant and harmony. The LED lighting integrated in all the cabinets has brought luminosity, style and comfort to the house.

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