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During this past year of pandemic, our relationship with our home has changed completely. We stayed at home for several months cooped up with our closest relatives, and our kitchens have become more than ever the heart of the home. Moreover, we notice a desire that kitchens are now a more social place where we like to receive and feel comfortable. As a consequence of this desire for change, kitchen renovations have skyrocketed in recent months, and with them have come new trends related to the use of wood.

A natural and sustainable kitchen:

A clear trend that is already on the rise in kitchens is the combination of raw materials. We are more than ever looking for a connection to nature, that is why we choose marble, stone, concrete, granite, but especially wood. Wood contrasts perfectly with steel, glass and aluminium, reinforcing our connection with nature and with our home. It adds personality and any finish makes every kitchen a unique space.

A functional kitchen:

Te be fully functional, a kitchen has to comply with the work triangle: the storage area (fridge and dry food), the cooking area (hob, oven, microwave) and the washing area (sink, dishwasher) must be connected. Planning with professionals the design of each kitchen in order to anticipate any errors that may occur allows this triangle to be fulfilled, making this key space an exceptional piece from the point of view of comfort and functionality.

Materials combination in the kitchen:

The need to make each room in the house well delimited so that everyone can have their own personal space and trends show us that now even spaces are being created within kitchens. These spaces have several objectives:

  • Invisible borders: the wood and marble or also wood and resin mix allows the kitchen to appear tidier and more organized, with different work areas for various tasks.
  • Eclecticism: greater contrasts in the kitchen and more freedom when choosing accessories make this space modern and contemporary.
  • Show our personality: a kitchen that combines several materials will allow us to express our tastes more clearly.

A smart kitchen:

One of the trends that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of so-called “living materials”. A “living material” is a material that reacts under the influence of an action, such as the application of a product. An example of such living materials would be the FENIX NTM® product range by Arpa Industriale. The Fenix product range is scratch resistant, and if a surface protected by Fenix is scratched, that surface can be regenerated under heating to look as good as new.

FENIX NTM®. Colour Matching Collection.

Another example is KRION® Solid Surface, a hypoallergenic and antibacterial material suitable for use in the manufacture of kitchen worktops due to its extraordinary chemical resistance to attack by concentrated acids, stains and the use of chemical products, including solvents. Its heat resistance and flame retardant properties allow it to be in contact with high temperatures without suffering any damage.

KRION®. Dekalb Residential Complex – Philadelphia – USA

Our CUUQUI kitchen series is synonymous with functional luxury. Made to measure, they adapt and respond to the needs and desires of our clients. Each project is a challenge that we want to take up, transforming old kitchens into spaces full of life that generate a feeling of maximum tranquillity and peace. All our proposals are oriented towards integration, multifunctionality and prominence of this fundamental space in the home.

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