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BIESSE WINLINE 16 is the new NC multi-center for window production, designed for industries looking to increase production. The system produces standard and special windows with maximum precision while the operator performs other tasks; the machine handles the loading, unloading and positioning of parts automatically and with extreme reliability. It has a gantry structure with double motorization that guarantees greater rigidity and therefore precision. With the standard loading bench, it produces up to 50/60 minutes autonomously and works up to 280 pieces per shift.

Thanks to its partnership with BIESSE, CARPINTEK becomes the first company in Spain to have the BIESSE WINLINE 16 window manufacturing center, which gives it maximum reliability and flexibility in the production of wood and wood-aluminum windows in record time with maximum energy performance, multiplying its current capacity by 5.

CARPINTEK can take on any future project, no matter how big it may be, being already twice as efficient in the works it is currently carrying out:

  • Málaga City Hall, complete change of 178 windows.
  • Alberto Bosch 11, Madrid, complete refurbishment of the building where all the interior and exterior carpentry is being done, from wooden windows to doors, closets, custom furniture, stairs and common areas.
  • Generali Building, Paseo de Gracia 11, Barcelona, complete change of windows of this emblematic office building.

Wood windows manufactured and installed by CARPINTEK make a definite contribution to the appearance of a home. They represent cutting-edge design and long-term energy savings. Equipped with the latest technology, these wood and wood-aluminum windows combine design with maximum protection, energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic properties, i.e., the ideal solution for new construction, renovations and reforms in which to apply any of its three series:

  • The LIGHTEK series – Hidden sash wooden windows that allow to obtain an invisible frame and therefore larger glass surfaces. The wood-aluminum version of this innovative model of enclosure solves through design, aesthetics and new chromatic ideas the need to combine these two elements. A window with two faces, but only one soul: the wood represents the heart of this type of window, while the exterior aluminum, clad in wood, guarantees maximum resistance and total security against water, sun and wind even in the absence of the protection of shutters or shutters.
  • The INTELTEK series – made of wood and wood-aluminum has proven to be one of the most demanded for its great performance, quality, price and competitiveness in the market. On the inside, it respects the minimum widths with a simple and harmonious aesthetic that makes the enclosure, once installed, become just another piece of furniture. On the outside, a selection of profiles with a modern line, where the traditional miters disappear and the union between crosspieces and 90o mullions, provide a much more sophisticated aesthetic.
  • The ENERGYTEK series allows to achieve thermal transmittance levels (between 1.1 and 0.87W/m2K) and acoustic insulation (up to 50dB) with smaller profile thicknesses. Available in three window versions ranging from the ENERGYTEK 69 which offers a desirable thermal transmittance (1.21 W/m2 K) to the ENERGYTEK 89 with a thermal performance unsurpassed in the market (0.87 W/m2 K). Within this last version, the SILENTEK model is manufactured and installed taking into account the smallest details for an unbeatable acoustic insulation. It is the perfect choice for urban areas with high levels of exterior noise.

The three series of windows are classified in the latest tests, in air permeability according to UNE EN 1026:2017 as CLASS 4, in water tightness according to UNE EN 1027:2017 in CLASS E1200 and in resistance to wind load according to UNE EN 12211:2017 as CLASS 5. It is therefore the perfect solution for architects, construction companies and developers, and an increasingly demanded element in the construction and rehabilitation of buildings for its contribution to sustainability and to obtaining PASSIVHAUS, LEED®, BREEAM®, VERDE® y WELL energy certifications.

In addition, CARPINTEK produces its wooden windows as an ISO14001 certified company, which promotes environmental management and encourages the sustainability of raw materials through its PEFCTM y FSC® seals to promote sustainable forest management by guaranteeing and certifying the chain of custody.

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