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Wood has traditionally been one of the materials most often used in construction. Inside homes it became the material par excellence, essential for furniture, floors, objects, frames, overlays, etc. Its presence is therefore linked to trends in decoration but, although fashions come and go, wood is always on trend. We confirm this in the proposals for 2020:

Rustic but modern

The importance of natural tones pervades interiors bringing warmth to the home. Visible structural wood or metal elements are mixed with stone finishings and the furniture. If the way it is laid out means that the rustic structure is not visible, false but decorative pieces are placed to achieve the desired image. The secret is to combine this style with objects that provide a contemporary, modern look.

Scandinavian style

Extreme cold (and for obvious reasons). Neutral colours are used, blended with stone or wood. To complete this image, in Scandinavian architecture it is very important to have large sources of natural light.

There is an evolution of this trend called Japandi, in which this style is fused with the elegance of Japanese design. This is because both are minimalist, with few pieces and simple decoration. 

Connection with nature

As life becomes too technological, the philosophy of a return to the natural is becoming stronger. We want to be in contact with nature again, giving value to natural materials and fostering the presence of plants in rooms. Reducing energy consumption is fundamental and so the use of natural light is paramount. This trend also tries to ensure that only those electronic items that are absolutely essential are visible.

The industrial look

En este estilo cobra más importancia la arquitectura y construcción que la decoración en sí. Podemos encontrar el ladrillo visto de las paredes o elementos de madera y de metal. También es característico de los diseños industrializados que no se oculten las instalaciones y formen parte de la imagen del lugar.

Vintage design

This year the use of classical elements but with a contemporary feel will be very much in vogue. We will find Art Deco in furniture, stairs, details… This trend may have been boosted by the centenary of the Bauhaus School. The furniture, as well as the architecture, is based on an industrial design, following the lines and materials of this style.

Dark tones

As we have said, wood is always on trend as it goes with everything. In this case, the preference with regards to colours in furniture is for dark tones. Even so, we will find all the tones and shapes of wood we can imagine.

We should remember that throughout history wood has always been present. This is not only due to its look and versatility. The most important property is that, with basic care, wood items can last a lifetime. That is why at Carpintek Group we have always trusted in the quality of wood and become experts in it, adapting to trends.

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