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High-end carpentry requires a touch of class, sophistication and style. The Carpintek team’s expertise in this regard offers high-end services that materialize in unique works.

Attention to detail, both in consultative design and craftsmanship, make a big difference. This involves a long journey to achieve the special look and feel that only a first-class product can bring.

Carpintek applies innovative technologies, interpreting new trends to complement the production needs of carpentries that develop projects for architects, developers, builders and interior designers in the luxury sector. Our philosophy as a company is to make our customers feel supported by a human and technical team able to solving any challenge with the highest quality, in record time.

A generational change that guarantees the future of this industry in the sector

A team of 60 people, with an average age of 41 years, composed of architects, engineers, designers, project managers, carpenters and office staff with experience in multinationals, and international projects, committed to continually earn your trust are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and satisfaction for your projects.

Our present is your future

Carpintek has strengthened its brand for the realization of all the production of furniture and custom-made carpentry products for the development of projects in the PRIME sector, conditioning its more than 6,100 m2 of production facilities with two manufacturing centers in Madrid and Toledo. Carpintek also has commercial and technical offices in Madrid and Paris.

Thanks to our agreement with our partner, the world giant BIESSE, Carpintek has the Biesse Rover S FT numerical control machining machines and the Biesse Winline 1667 window manufacturing center and the automatic single-sided edger (Biesse Akron 1400).

This equipment, unmatched in Spain, is complemented by the best available Kundig Uniq-S edge sanding machines, VIET S2 calibrating sander, Omga 60 SNC profile optimizing machine, TUPI Format 4 Profil 45 M, automated coating booths with hanging system, cars and assembly benches.

The result is a state-of-the-art factory that provides the best finishes, an almost unlimited production capacity and the minimum incidence of errors generated by labor, in short, the only industrial carpentry of the 21st century at the service of your projects.

The quality of our products is given by a perfect combination of knowledge, technology and BIESSE’s specialized machinery. The first step is given by the strict selection of materials: always first choice woods. The quality control developed in 15 stations of the production line ensures a constant result over time.

The scientific definition of non-conformities for each component of the product facilitates the achievement of the ideal model and the choice of leading suppliers in each sector guarantees the maintenance of high performance in each product.

Specialists in the development of “white label” products for other manufacturers

Our very high production capacity and quality in the result, have made us in recent years a company that manufactures any range of carpentry products for projects that other manufacturers make available to their customers under their own name or trademark. Carpintek currently develops part of the production of CUBRO and NYOTA Design in Spain and PlacArt and Felices et Fils in France.

Whatever your need is, to cover an excess of demand or simply to speed up your deliveries at a more competitive price, in Carpintek we guarantee the best quality and the highest range so that you can offer the best to your customers.

Carpintek is also one of the undisputed leaders in the production of wood and wood – aluminum windows. A product that is the result of the manufacturing and market research conducted by SIMATEC and REKORD and managed by the engineering department of TWT, with all its experience in R & D processes applied to construction, architecture and interior design.

Carpintek has the Know-how of these three partners and in close collaboration with them, we manufacture windows of the highest quality, incorporating new production processes that exceed all industry standards. We think and plan the production to be one step ahead of any competitor, in performance and price.

Three exclusive lines of wood windows designed to meet Passivhaus standards

Carpintek wood windows make a definitive contribution to a home’s appearance, represent cutting-edge design and long-term energy savings. Hence our choice to acquire the patented TWT-REKORD windows, world-renowned for their superior production quality and almost unlimited design flexibility.

Equipped with the latest technology, our windows combine design with maximum protection and energy efficiency – the ideal solution for new construction, renovation and retrofitting.

In Carpintek we put all our efforts to serve your peace of mind, our products are tested against infiltrations, noise and drastic thermal drops and have obtained results far superior to those required for each type of certification: noise reduction, thermal transmittance and corporate quality.

This product is the perfect complement for many manufacturers and an increasingly demanded element in the construction and renovation of buildings due to its contribution to sustainability and to obtaining PASSIVHAUS, LEED®, BREEAM®, VERDE® and WELL energy certifications. In addition, Carpintek produces its wood windows as an ISO 14001 certified company (promoting environmental management) and the sustainability of raw materials is reflected in our PEFCTM and FSC® chain of custody seals.

Three solutions that will secure all your projects

LIGHTEK – Our wood window with hidden leaf allows to obtain an invisible frame and therefore larger glass surfaces. The wood-aluminum version of this innovative window model solves through design, aesthetics and new chromatic ideas the need to combine these two elements. A window with two faces, but only one soul: the wood represents the heart of this type of window, while the exterior aluminum, clad in wood, guarantees maximum resistance and total security against water, sun and wind even in the absence of shutter protection.

The INTELTEK wood-aluminum series has proven to be one of the most demanded for its great performance, quality, price and competitiveness in the market. In the interior it respects the minimum widths with a simple and harmonious aesthetic that makes the enclosure once installed becomes just another piece of furniture. On the outside, our selection of profiles of modern line, where the traditional miters disappear and the union between crosspieces and mullions is of 90º, providing a much more sophisticated aesthetic.

The ENERGYTEK model allows to achieve thermal transmittance levels (between 1.1 and 0.87W/m2K) and acoustic insulation (up to 50dB) with smaller profile thicknesses. Available in three window versions ranging from the ENERGYTEK 69 which offers a desirable thermal transmittance (1.21 W/m2 K) to the ENERGYTEK 89 with a thermal performance unsurpassed in the market (0.87 W/m2 K). Within this last version, the SILENTEK model is manufactured and installed taking into account the smallest details for an unbeatable acoustic insulation. It is the perfect choice for urban areas with high levels of exterior noise.

All series have ideal thermal and acoustic properties to be used in buildings with Passivhaus seal, which allows great savings in energy costs.

Transparency at the service of customers

For Carpintek to make available to customers all relevant information of a product or service, informing both the advantages / benefits and costs / risks of this at all times and without fine print is part of our mission, for us the responsibility is to take care of the interests of our customers in the short, medium and long term.

In any project that we carry out for other manufacturers our policy is always open doors, we work in collaboration with our customers making available all the resources of our technical and production office.

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