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If you are looking for wooden windows for life, wood is the only truly ecological, sustainable material.

The features are innate to the raw material: low thermal and acoustic conductivity, very good behavior against fire, high resistance and long natural durability. With proper maintenance, today, a very long life is guaranteed with a look like the first day.

LIGHTEK. The latest in design and manufacturing technology: wooden HIDDEN LEAF window. Its particular form of manufacture, allows to obtain a frame of INVISIBLE leaf and therefore wider surfaces of glass, assuring thanks to it true spaces full of light.

The wood-aluminum version of this innovative model of closing solves by means of the design and the aesthetics the necessity to combine these two elements, because the external coating in aluminum can offer new chromatic ideas. A window with two faces, but only one soul: wood represents the heart of this type of window, while the exterior aluminum, plated in wood, guarantees maximum resistance and total security against water, sun and wind even in the absence of the protection of shutters or friars.

The INTELTEK series of wood-aluminum has proven to be one of the most demanded due to its great performance together with the competitive quality/price that it presents in the market, making this product a reference in the sector.

If you are looking for a solution that provides the advantages of a mixed wood-aluminum profile, we recommend this model to ensure your project.

In the interior, it respects the minimum widths to obtain the maximum surface of light while working with straight girders, which allows to obtain a simple and harmonious aesthetic that makes the enclosure, once installed in the building site, become another piece of furniture in the house or the room.

On the outside, our selection of modern line profiles, added to the particularity offered by the INTELTEK system, where the traditional miter joints that can be seen in all aluminum windows disappear, leads us to see a union in 90o between transoms and uprights that provides a much more modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

Our ENERGYTEK model allows to achieve levels of thermal transmittance (between 1.1 and 0.87W/m2K) and acoustic insulation (up to 50dB) with lower profile thickness. In this sense, the ENERGYTEK series, like the other two series (LIGHTEK and INTELTEK), has ideal thermal and acoustic properties to be used in buildings with Passivhaus seal, which allows a great saving in our electricity bill.

The ENERGYTEK System in wood presents three models of window that go from the ENERGYTEK 69 that already offers a desirable thermal transmittance (1,21 W/m2 K) to the ENERGYTEK 89 with an insuperable thermal behavior in the market (0,87 W/m2 K), without losing the warmth and the elegance of a wood window. Within this last series, the SILENTEK model, is manufactured and installed taking into account the smallest details for unbeatable acoustic insulation. It is the perfect option for urban areas with high levels of exterior noise.

The quality of our products is given by a perfect combination of knowledge, technology and the specialized machinery of BIESSE. The first step is taken by the strict selection of materials: always first choice woods. The quality control developed in 15 stations of the production line ensures a constant result in time.

The scientific definition of non-conformities for each product component facilitates the achievement of the ideal model.

The choice of leading suppliers in each sector guarantees the maintenance of high performance in each part of the product. At CARPINTEK we put all our efforts at the service of your peace of mind. Our products are tested against infiltration, noise and drastic thermal drops and have obtained results far superior to those required for each type of certification: noise reduction, thermal transmittance and corporate quality.

CARPINTEK develops, manufactures and installs, three exclusive lines of wooden windows with excellent aesthetic, insulating, thermal and acoustic properties, designed to meet Passivhaus standards.

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